Meet the Farmer: Josh from Captains Creek Organic Farm

Why did you decide to become an organic farmer?

I was kind of fed up with the world following the same old mindless consumption path that many of us get carried away in. Once I learned about the damage that's done with conventional farming practices, I educated myself and found out there was better ways with regenerative agriculture and organic farming.

What are the main differences between organic and conventional farming?

The main difference is that organic farming builds soil, and the other is an extractive method. So soil degradation is a huge problem. It's not well known, but do a bit of research and you can find out that there's not that much top soil left in the world if we keep farming on the major scale that we are in this extractive, conventional method.

What do you love about organic farming?

I know that I'm making a difference, personally. Living the lifestyle, it's a beautiful way to keep healthy and happy, and also to know that I'm doing my part in trying to help chance the system that we've inherited for a better future for everyone.

Thanks and enjoy your organic produce!

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