Our Packaging

Packaging is a huge problem for the environment and our climate, and we want to be part of the solution.

We work hard within our own operations and with our suppliers to cut out as much packaging as possible. For example, we request all our bread comes from the bakery without plastic bags, and we've worked with some of our farmers to stop supplying our veggies in plastic.

You won't find any plastic in your organic box, and our boxes are reusable. And when adding new products to our range, we're mindful to choose products that have minimal packaging, or packaging that is more sustainable in terms of its ability to be recycled.

With all of our products, you'll find sustainability information which includes the materials the packaging is made from, and how you can recycle it.

Reusing & Recycling

Our boxes are designed to be reused, so when you've unpacked your fruit and veggies just flatten the box and leave it out for your driver to collect at your next delivery. We then take your boxes back to the warehouse and use them again next week.

We also recycle all of the packaging that our fruit and veggies arrive in from the farm. This includes cardboard, paper, polystyrene and plastic, which is sorted and taken to a recycling transfer station each week. This recycling goes on to make all sorts of products.

For example, recycled cardboard goes on to make packaging, tissues, newspaper, kitty litter and egg cartons, while recycled plastic is used to make 100% recycled PET and products like fleeces, sleeping bags, pens, carpet, and plastic tables and chairs.

Zero Food Waste

Australia produces more than 7 tonnes of food waste each year. And we're doing our bit to fix that. After we pack your fruit & veggie box, any leftovers are donated to local food charities. Most recently we have been supplying hundreds of kilos of fresh food to the Muslim Women's Council of Victoria, who cook hot meals for folks in the community.

And food scraps that can't be eaten are taken to an industrial organic waste composter, or donated to the very happy cows on the farms where some of your veggies are grown.