Local Organic Delivery started on an organic farm near Daylesford, Victoria

Hey there! We're Serge and Stephie, and we're the folks behind Local Organic Delivery.

Our story began on an organic farm just outside of Daylesford, about an hour west of Melbourne. We met while Serge was working as an organic farmer, growing everything from carrots and potatoes, to kale, tomatoes, corn and capsicums.

Local Organic Delivery sources farm fresh organic vegetables and delivers to your door in Melbourne

Those years together on the farm were hard work, but also absolutely magical. It was such a treat to be able to wander out into the paddock and pick a bowl full of veggies for dinner that night.

And our highlight of the week was selling our produce at weekend farmers markets, where we got to chat with folks who would get so excited about the freshly picked broccoli, and the colours of the rainbow chard, and the variety of potatoes that we had dug up that week.

Serge and Steph started out selling organic fruit and vegetables at farmers markets around Victoria

What we discovered is how much we loved connecting people with good, wholesome locally grown food. But we knew that this was really out of reach for so many people.

We wanted to connect people with super fresh local organic food, in a way that was affordable and convenient - and that's where our Local Organic Delivery story began.

Local Organic Delivery connects people in Melbourne with farm fresh organic produce from around Victoria

Fast forward to today, and we're now delivering our organic boxes to hundreds of folks around Melbourne.

Our produce comes from organic farms all around Victoria and beyond, including the farm near Daylesford where it all began.

When Local Organic Delivery began, Serge was an organic farmer and grew all the organic veggies himself

As farmers we've seen firsthand the positive impact that organic farming has on the environment, by nourishing the soil and keeping our waterways clean.

Organic food is packed with goodness, and the variety of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours is always so exciting to see.

Farm dog Lushka was always there to help on the farm

If you'd like to join our community of folks in Melbourne, and start receiving your fruit and vegetable delivery each week, you can start browsing here.

If you've got questions, we've got answers to our FAQs here, otherwise you're also welcome to contact us so we can answer any questions you have.