Meet the Farmer: Greg from Blampied

What veggies do you grow at Kangaroo Hills Organic Farm?

We grow a mix of vegetables that we take to farmers markets mostly. So we grow a reasonable area of potatoes, as well as sweet corn, beetroot, carrots, onions. So there's a wide variety of things that I produce, starting in about September or October each year and then growing through the summer. And when we get to this time of year, it's about the conclusion of the vegetable growing for me, because it gets damn cold up in Blampied.

What do you love about being an organic farmer?

I guess it's the outdoors, although as one grows older some of the appeal of the outdoors is lessening somewhat. But it's good to perhaps be your own boss. It's also rewarding to produce wholesome food. And it's also rewarding, I guess, to take our food to farmers markets and have people buy it and enjoy chemical-free food.

What are the challenges with organic farming?

Weeds! Weeds are definitely the biggest challenge for us organic farmers. Our conventional counterparts have all sorts of nasty things they can spray them with, but we deal with them on a manual basis.

I guess other challenges are also pests in our crops aswell. We have problems with cabbage moth, etc. But there are organic means for dealing with some of those things.

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